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94 Feet: Unbeatable Defense Package: 03-15-2012

Save Over 50% on the Unbeatable Defense Package Today!

224 total pages, valued at $62.95…NOW JUST $30!

defense packageDefense wins games. This package of defensive  techniques is just what you need during crunch time. Don't get beat to the basket any longer.

Learn about a proven method for alternating zone presses, 10 rules of a swarm defense, a 7-on-5 drill that prepares your players for live-game action, hustle drills, transition drills and so much more!

Four separate publications combined in an unbeatable package.

  • Championship Defense Book
  • Ferocious Full-Court Presses
  • Swarm Defense
  • Stoppers! Time-Tested Defensive Drills

 This 50% Off with Free Shipping offer lasts for a limited time.

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