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94 Feet: Three-In-A-Row Drill: 03-01-2012

Three-In-A-Row Drill

By: Mark Graupe, Former Men's Coach, Dartmouth College, Mass.

This is an intense rebounding drill that should not be run the day before a game due to the intensity of the drill.

 Graupe 1

DIAGRAM 1: X is the defensive player. Other teammates form the offensive line of rotating players. Team managers take positions on the wings outside the three-point line.

 Graupe 2

DIAGRAM 2: The manager on the right takes a shot that is purposely missed.

 Graupe 3

DIAGRAM 3: If the rebound is grabbed by the defensive player, a pass is made to the manager at the opposite wing position. The defender then hustles over to take a defensive position in front of the next offensive player in line.

The drill continues as the manager moves to the left side of the basket and repeats the action.


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