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94 Feet: 5 Plays From The Same Set: 02-02-2012

Baseline Series: 5 Plays From The Same Set

By: Marty Gaughan, Head Boys Coach, Benet Academy, Lisle, Ill.

We run five inbound plays from the same set. Each play is run for a specific player on the floor. For example, play No. 1 is run for player 1, etc. This gives us flexibility to run a play to any player and makes us difficult to scout because these plays are all run from the same inbounds set.

Diagram 1  

DIAGRAM 1: Play Number 1. 5 screens for 4 and then rolls back toward the basket. 4 breaks to the ball-side corner. 3 sets a downscreen for 2 and cuts to the weak side. 2 cuts to the top.

Diagram 2

DIAGRAM 2: Play Number 1 (Continued). 4 throws a quick swing pass to 2. 1 steps inbounds and acts as if he or she is going to the weak-side corner, but then cuts back to the ball-side corner. 2 fakes a pass to 3, then throws the ball to 1 in the corner for a quick shot.

Diagram 3

DIAGRAM 3: Play Number 2. 2 breaks and sets an upscreen for 4 who cuts to the weak-side corner. 5 screens-the-screener for 2 who uses 5’s screen and cuts to the ball-side behind the 3-point line. 3 sets a downscreen for 2, then breaks to the top and serves as a safety release. 1 passes to 2 for a quick 3-point shot.

DIAGRAM 4: Play Number 3. 4 breaks into the weak-side corner, while 3 cuts down the lane and sets a downscreen for 2 who comes off the screen and pops to the top of the key. 5 cuts to the ball-side corner and receives an inbound pass from 1. 5 immediately swings the ball to 2 out top.

Diagram 5

DIAGRAM 5: Play Number 3 (Continued). 1 comes inbound and cuts to the weak-side corner and yells for the ball. 4 and 5 set staggered screens along the baseline for 3 who cuts to the short corner on the ball side. 2 fakes a pass to 1 and throws it to 3 coming off the staggered screens. 3 catches and shoots a short, baseline jump shot.

Diagram 6

DIAGRAM 6: Play Number 4. 5 pops to the top and sets a screen for 3 who cuts to the ball-side corner. After setting the screen, 5 rolls back toward the inbounder calling for the ball. 4 breaks to the weak-side corner.

Diagram 7

DIAGRAM 7: Play Number 4 (Continued). 1 inbounds to 3 who immediately swings the ball to 2 popping out to the top. 4 cuts across the lane and breaks into the corner off staggered screens set by 5 and 3. 2 passes to 4 who shoots a baseline jump shot.

Diagram 8

DIAGRAM 8: Play Number 5. 3 releases up top and acts as a safety release. 5 pops up and sets a screen for 4 who breaks into the ball-side corner. As 5 is setting the screen, 2 slides across the lane and sets an upscreen for 5 (screen-the-screener action). 5 curls around 2’s screen and breaks to the basket looking for the inbound pass from 1 for a catch-and-shoot opportunity.


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