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Posted March 16, 2010

Single-Post Continuity Offense

By Bob Rhodin, Boys’ Head Coach, Fletcher High School, Neptune Beach, Fla.

The Single-Post Continuity Offense is a motion offense designed to create mismatches and get the ball inside to the post. The post player moves from block to block and is screened each time by a different teammate.

The offense also provides great rebounding balance, screen-the-screener action and outside shot opportunities on the ball reversal. The offense works well against man-to-man and zone defenses.

Entry Pass

Diagram 1: 1 passes to 2 and cuts to the opposite box. 5 is posting up. 2 can pass to 5 in the post or to 4, who has V-cut to get open at the top of the key.

Diagram 2: 2 passes to 4. 5 ducks in. 4 can pass to 5. If 4 can’t pass to 5, 4 dribbles toward 3 as a key to set up a screen. 3 screens for 1. 4 passes to 1. 1 can shoot the open jump shot.

Diagram 3: After screening for 1, 3 screens for 5. 5 must cut low off all cross screens (screen-the-screener action). 1 can pass to 3 or 5 for an open shot.

Diagram 4: If the jump shots are not open, 1 looks to pass to 5 in the post. If the pass to 5 is not open, 1 passes to 3, who dribbles toward 2 (key to screen). 2 screens for 4 and 5 then pops out to the top of the key. 4 follows 2 out to the top of the screen to receive 3’s pass for the open jump shot from the wing.

Diagram 5: 5 always cuts toward the baseline off screens, such as this cut off 1’s screen. 3 screens for 2 (screen-the-screener action). 4 passes to 5 or 2. 2 dribbles toward 1. 1 screens for 3. 2 passes to 3.

Continuity Continues

Diagram 6: 3 can pass to 5 down low or reverse the ball to 1 to continue continuity. 4 screens for 2 cutting to the wing, then for 5 cutting to the baseline toward the opposite block. 1 passes to 2 at the wing.

Carolina Entry

Diagram 7: 1 passes to 4. 5 ducks in. 4 looks to pass to 5. 4 passes to 3. 5 seals the defender and pivots to the block. 3 passes to 5.

Diagram 8: 1 sets a back pick for 4. 4 cuts to the basket. 3 can pass to 5 posting up, to 4 coming off the back pick or to 1.

Diagram 9: 3 passes to 1. 1 looks to pass to 5, then dribbles at 2. 2 screens for 4. Continuity is set.

Dribble Entry

Diagram 10: 1 dribbles to the wing. 2 clears to the weakside post. 5 back screens for 4. 1 can pass to 4 in the post or to 5 stepping out after the screen.

Diagram 11: 1 passes to 5. 5 can take the shot or dribble toward 3. 3 screens for 2 and 4. The continuity continues.

Bob Rhodin coached boys and girls basketball for more than 18 years at Fletcher High School, compiling an overall record of 312-146 and winning five Florida Gateway Conference titles. He currently coaches youth basketball.


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