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Posted October 21, 2011


Coach Accused Of Biting Student's Face During Fight (VIDEO)

A high school basketball coach was suspended without pay following allegations that he fought and bit a student in the face.

The fight, captured on video, shows 15-year-old Stefan Caldwell allegedly trading punches with a man identified as Trevor Borom, the girls basketball head coach at Manual High School in Indianapolis.
Stefan Caldwell said the video only shows part of the bizarre encounter, which happened when no other adults were around.

"He came out of nowhere, no call or nothing, he just popped up," said Caldwell, in reference to a visit by Borom on Tuesday to a female classmate's home.

Caldwell said Coach Borom stopped by his friend’s home because she is a freshman basketball player and Borom told her he needed to talk to her about grades and her role on the basketball team.

"He was talking about how she's got bad influences and stuff," said Caldwell.

Shortly after that, Caldwell said the coach singled him out.

"He was just, out of nowhere, like, 'I don't like you,'" Caldwell said. "I was like, 'I don't like you neither.' Then he said, 'If you come out into the yard I'm going to whoop your a**.’ I thought he was playing so I went out into the yard."

Caldwell said he soon learned it was not a joke.

"It was like a slap first, and then he punched me," said Caldwell.

It was after that initial punch Caldwell said he told his friend to start recording.  The friend captured several minutes of video on a cell phone camera. The video shows two punches exchanged and then the two went down to the ground. The man identified as Borom then appeared to put Caldwell in a headlock.

Shortly after the video goes away from the two, Caldwell said the fight took another turn.

"He just started biting my face, and then I pushed him off and then he just got to punching me," said Caldwell. "Then when I got up he ran to the car and drove off."

"I was very angry," said Dalynne Perry, who said she did not initially believe what happened until she saw the video. "It wasn't calculating in my head why the coach was even at another student's house fighting my son."

Perry said she took her son to the hospital to get checked out and then filed a police report.  IMPD confirms that there is an open investigation, but so far there have been no arrests.

Perry said she then called Manual High School to report the incident and ask about the coach.

"They said that he had previously, minutes before, been in the office getting a student's information to talk to her about her grades and being in basketball," said Perry.

On Thursday, IPS spokeswoman Kim Hooper confirmed action had been taken with Coach Borom.

"Yes, we are aware of the alleged incident and the staff member is suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation," said Hooper.

Perry said she simply hopes something is done.

"It was disturbing. It was very upsetting to me that he had even bit him in his face," said Perry. "Very bizarre for the basketball coach at a high school to do this to a student."

Caldwell said roughly two weeks prior to the fight with Borom, he made a complaint about threats he received from the coach to the Manual High School principal.
Posted from: Sam siegfried , 5/31/15 at 4:30 PM CDT
The funny thing that is my auu coach right now

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